Paloma de Sacramento 2019

A Grand Vin in Boundary Conditions

Although the Consejo Regulador qualified 2019 as an exceptional vintage, nothing seemed less certain considering the year´s weather. Not one drop of rain fell between December and 18 April and budding was drawn out throughout the cold and humid end of April and into May. The heat wave that started on 30 May quickly brought about flowering, which started on 4 June, but lasted a long time, foreshadowing a small harvest. Mid-flowering occurred on 18 June at El Sacramento.

Weather-wise, it was a typical summer with hot dry air and some scattered showers compensating for the dry winter.

Significant rains on 26 August, 10 September, and 16 September made the period leading up to the harvest fraught with danger. Prevailing winds helped bring the grapes to optimal maturation in a healthy state. The whites were harvested on 17 and 18 September. All the key events of this year´s vegetative cycle were drawn out; this great vintage was clearly produced in boundary conditions.

Production Area

Own Vineyards in Laguardia. Rioja Alavesa.

Final Blend

Viura 80% · Malvasía 10% · Garnacha Blanca 10%


Harvest in 12kg crates with manual selection of bunches and mechanical selection of individual grapes. Plot-by-plot vinification. Malolactic fermentation in barrels, 15 months of maturation in French oak.


Lively light straw colour with green tinge.

Tasting Note, 24 november 2020


Without moving the glass the wine smells of subtle aromas of melon, pear and white.

Swirrling the glass hints of white flowers appear mixed with soft elegant toasting, aromatic herbs and a mineral touch.


The first impression is a creamy sensation, elegant, with medium body and good balance followed by a mix of honey, peach, citric and mineral flavours.

The finish is medium and harmonic.

Tasting Sheets