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A Château in the Rioja

We aim to produce balanced, long-lived, high-end wines that reflect the complexity and uniqueness of the terroir. The first step is to respect nature’s processes and balance. The climate, predominantly Mediterranean with Atlantic influences, is complex, as is the geology. They combine to create favorable conditions for winegrowing. We strive to express this complexity in our wines.

Every vintage is unique


Complex and unique

The Vineyard

A minerally complex geological break with clay and limestone soils that maintain moisture throughout the year.

Each vine stalk is unique

The Vine

In order to produce a fine wine, it is fundamental to keep each vine stalk healthy. We therefore maintain a strong focus on the nutritional monitoring of the vines.

Beehives in the vineyard

Integrated production

Our certification in integrated production attests to environmentally friendly cultivation methods. The beehives in our vineyards are a testament to our commitment to nature.

Analytical tracking

Scientific control

We ensure rigorous scientific and analytical control of the vineyard throughout the year: from the soil and grapes and their state of maturation to the elaboration and vinification processes and bottling.

In the vineyard and beyond the harvest


It all begins with a blossom. We eliminate the uneven grapes and bunches in the vineyard throughout the growing cycle and carry out a double selection at the harvest, manually for the bunches and then mechanically for individual grapes.

4,000 kilograms per hectare


Low-yield production. Our wines’ structure and body are the result of natural concentration.

Concrete Tanks


Classic and traditional in concrete tanks. Plot-by-plot vinification; we know what each plot tastes like!

100% French Oak


Red white: 15 months in French oak from different forests. We renew 1/3 of our stock every year and keep barrels for three years only. White wine: French oak and acacia barrels and granite eggs.

Individual Plots


In our search for balance and homogeneity, we continually taste throughout the elaboration process in order to refine and define the final assemblage. For the red wines, tasting defines which plots enter into El Sacramento and Caminos del Sacramento, but both are elaborated in the same way.

In search of balance


By managing the vineyards and elaborating on a plot-by-plot basis, we obtain the best out of the raw materials. As they age, we progressively assemble the different wines in search of balance. We proess those delicate operations with the colaboration of Eric Boissennot, well knowed winemaker based on Medoc (Bordeaux).