El Sacramento

Finca El Sacramento is located near the medieval village of Laguardia at the heart of Rioja Alavesa, where quality wines have been elaborated for centuries.

The vineyard’s historic name can be traced back to the Brotherhood of the Santísimo Sacramento de Laguardia which produced wine on the same plots we cultivate today as early as the mid 17th century.

Viñas Leizaola and its El Sacramento wines are rooted in an exceptional location, a promontory on the edge of a geological break. It is a place of character.

“After many years working in the wine sector in France and Belgium, and with my Basque roots calling, I set out to produce a fine wine in the favorable region that is Rioja Alavesa.”

Etienne Cordonnier Leizaola

The Wines

Paloma de Sacramento

We combine Viura, Malvasía, and White Grenache in different proportions depending on the year to produce a silky and smooth wine.

El Sacramento

The full expression of the terroir, it reflects the vineyard’s unique natural circumstances. Tempranillo with a small percentage of Graciano.

Caminos de Sacramento

Emanating from the same vineyards as El Sacramento and elaborated with the same method, the year’s natural conditions define this blend.


A terroir is the unique combination of the earth, the sky, and man’s work. As such, the entire universe is present in a glass of wine.

Nature combines all the changes that have occurred over geological time with the climatic events in the vineyard every year in a delicate balance.

We work carefully according to nature’s cues, attentive to its subtleties, all the while letting it run its course. All this combined is what makes an outstanding and unique terroir. This gift from nature inspires us in our continued quest.

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