Viticultor's Vintage

It was a snowy winter, with high rainfalls and cold temperatures well into the spring, until the end of May. The last snow fell in mid-April. Flowering occurred mid-June. The cold and humid weather spared the vineyard from odium and mildew attacks. Good conditions during the flowering, combined with good fecundation, led to an important load of fruit and large bunches.

There were several strong storms during the summer, a heat wave in the first days of August, and a good day/night temperature contrast in September, with temperatures rising again to 32 degrees on 23 September. Those good conditions maintained during the harvest, from 8 to 20 October.

Hard work was carried out in the vineyards throughout the summer to fight and control the possible attack of disease because of the storms. The vineyard´s vigor is a clear characteristic of this vintage. Some plots were green harvested up to five different times before the final harvest.

Production Area

Own Vineyards in Laguardia. Rioja Alavesa

Final Blend

Tempranillo 92%. Graciano 8%


Harvest in 12 kg crates with manual selection of bunches and mechanical selection of individual grapes. Plot-by-plot vinification. Malolactic fermentation in barrels, 15 months of maturation in French oak.


Vivid cardenal red with violet rim.

Tasting Notes, 24 November 2020


Initially one smells aromas of red fruit like cherry and raspberry with an elegant hint of toasting.

Swirrling the glass the red fruit intensifies adding on pomegranate and cherry, mixed with exotic spices.


On the palate the wine is fresh with an atlantic touch of red acidic fruit, good balance and medium weight.

The flavours are marked by red grapefruit, pomegranate and cherry, mixed with minerality, chocolate, coffee and elegant toasting..

The finish is medium long and elegant, well balanced.